Thanks for your interest in sending referrals and getting PAID!

get started Below


I’ve tried to make this process as simple and straight-forward as possible.

(if you have suggestions on how to make it easier for you, please let me know)


You definitely want to qualify the referral before sending them to me.

Meaning, you need to have a chat with them directly to confirm that they are at least considering having a website built or re-done.

Once they confirm, explain that you know someone who builds websites that you’d like to refer and introduce them to, via email.

As long as they agree to being referred and they want you to make the introduction…

👉🏼 Get their Full Name, Phone Number and Email Address.

(any other details you can pass along will also be helpful; business name, current website (if there is one), where they’re located, etc)


You’re going to send a message to both me and your referral, connecting us and introducing your referral to me.

Include their details, so that I’m able to contact them after the introduction.

The easiest way to do this will be via email. *

👉🏼 Send an email to me ( AND include your referral. (by adding them in Cc or To line)

*You can also do this via text message on your phone. You can send text messages to email addresses. So, instead of entering phone numbers, you’d simply add in both email addresses, like you were starting a group text message.


Watch for my outreach email message to your referral, which I will copy you on.

Then, since you are being incentivized to get the referral to become a paying customer in order to get your finder’s fee, follow up with your referral to encourage them to get started with their website. Or, to get started getting online traffic to their website with paid advertising.


⚠️ The ONLY email to send referrals to is: ⚠️

This is how I will be tracking everything in order to get you paid quickly and fairly.

*If you’d like to discuss sending regular referrals and would like to set up a more personalized method of referring, send me an email at that address with the Subject line as “Ongoing Referrals”. Be sure to include your Full Name and a good phone number where I can reach you.

In case you missed the overview video, here it is…